A massive thank you to everyone who came down and supported Re:Tale on Thursday evening. We’ve taken a few backstage photos for you to have a look at, which you can find on this Facebook link


That’s all from us for now.


More very soon.


What happened six years ago?

Why won’t his wife talk to him?

What was in the picture?

Who is Cattooth?

Who is watching?

Why choose a belt?


Tomorrow night. Six writers. Six stories. One shop.





Today’s quote comes from Nick Garrard,


“A job like this dissolves time. It means an interconnectedness of things.”

Quote Six

Today’s quote comes from Fat Roland:


“He wants to remove her empty skull above its equator, sit inside  the recess then ride her around like some bezerking automaton.”

Quote Five

Re:Tale Poster

Six stories. Six writers. One Shop.

Quote Four

Todays quote comes from Fat Roland;

” The universe was rapidly expanding and one day it would collapse. And he still couldn’t get a word from her. “

Quote Three

Today’s quote comes from Dave Hartley’s Re:Tale story:

“Behind me I could hear the whirr of CCTV, the clink and clank of a stockroom, a muted chatter and the occasional laugh cut short as if illegal.”

Tickets 2

Tickets are now available through our Eventbrite page:


As there is limited space within the shop you will need to book a place to view the Re:Tale experience.

Please e-mail if you wish to attend.

Tickets are £4 for adults and £2 for concessions and will be payable at the entrance.

Today’s quote comes from Nici West’s piece for Re:Tale

“‘Jackets’ she snapped at me. ‘We need a jacket for him.’ ”

Nici West

Quote Two